How To Buy A House

How To Buy A House Even If You’re On ITC

Have you tried to apply for a home loan through the local banks? Have those banks declined your home loan application because you are blacklisted or because you have bad credit, due to a listing on your ITC credit record?

There is increasing demand from South Africans looking to secure home loans for blacklisted people, but there are still very few solutions available.

When trying to buy a house while on ITC you will find that more banks will require a letter that the account in question is either paid up already, or they are not likely to grant you the mortgage finance you need to buy a house.

Another solution for clients with bad credit is to look to secure rent to buy properties.
These properties are rented out by the owners, with an option for you as the buyer to purchase the house at a latter stage once the ITC credit listing has been removed and no longer reflects on your profile.

The benefit of these rent to buy houses are that some sellers are willing to offer you an option of using a portion of your monthly rental payments as a deposit on the purchase price of the house.

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