How To Buy A Property, With No Home Loan

Over 50% of credit active clients in South Africa are struggling to maintain their monthly repayments. For people who are highly indebted, getting a home loan can be an impossible task requiring a lot of search, begging and legwork.

But, there are methods, that have been used since 1981, to buy a property without a home loan.

Rent To Buy Property Agreements are one option.
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Installment Property Sales is another path to buying a property,
with no home loan.

Installment Property Sales were introduced to South Africa through the Alienation of Land Act in 1981. The seller and purchaser agree in writing to sell and buy the property, but rather than approaching a bank for finance, the seller grants the purchaser the opportunity to pay off the purchase price and interest over a period of time.

These agreements are best suited for properties price lower than R500 000 as they fall below certain restrictions that would otherwise be imposed by the National Credit Act .

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