What is Debt Counselling?

What is Debt Counselling?

What is Debt Counselling and how does it really help you manage your finances and get out of debt?

Debt Counselling is a process that involves educating and assisting over-indebted consumers to restructure their loans into more manageable repayment plans.

Important Note:

After being referred to, or approaching, a Debt Counsellor your monthly repayment obligations will not stop. Instead, your repayments will be renegotiated to a level that is more manageable for you and this will allow you to escape the debt trap.

Debt Counsellors are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and act under the agreed guidelines by the Debt Counsellors’ Association of South Africa (DCASA), in a bid to curb the exploitation of consumers and reckless lending.

After an interview and assessment has been completed, your counsellor will approach the companies your owe money to and propose a new repayment plan. If this new plan is rejected, he/she is then able to enforce it by submitting a request to the courts for your behalf. Your counsellor is also able to legally protect your assets from bank repossession.

What is Debt Counselling – The Costs

What is Debt Counselling – The Costs

Note there are certain costs involved in the debt counselling process that you will need to pay. These fees are strictly regulated and your advisor must work within those guidelines.

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